Monday, February 6, 2012

Baby got back!

Back squats, that is.
I do not back squat on plastic balls.
A month or so ago I blogged about new exercise adventure, weight lifting. For 5.5 weeks now I've been doing nothing but lifting heavy weights. And so far, that has involved A LOT of squatting. Oh, sure, I've done some deadlifting, cleaning, jerking, pressing of various kinds, pulling up and dipping, but mostly I squat. Sometimes three times per week I squat.

Mondays, there is always a three sets of five adventure. Lately, this has been quite an adventure. In fact, this week was enough of a challenge that I spent much of Sunday worrying about it. Enough of an challenge, that by 7.15 am monday morning I felt like I'd accomplished my major feat of the day. Today's 3x5 weight?  87K (191 pounds).  Yes, that is heavy.

Wednesday, if I squat it's usually a fun, light squat - front squats or (my personal favorite) overhead squats.
This is not what I look like when I overhead squat.
 Then Friday is the serious day. I do three sets of 1 or 2 or 3 squats. And they are heavy!  Last friday I did 3 heavy singles at 97k (213 pounds)!!!! 

I do not squat on a chair. 

Overall, I am really enjoying all this lifting. It has been hard and sometimes extremely frustrating, but fun to do something completely different from my past exercising experience. However, I will also mention that 'baby got back squat' =  'baby got back'. As in mine is growing and might not look anything like my previous backside. But, even with a big butt, how cool is it to be nearly 50 and squatting more than some boys!


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james said...

213 pounds!!! YOU GO GIRL!!!