Saturday, January 8, 2011

Shopping Haulers

So NPR had a story this week about shopping haulers and I thought it was so bizarre that I needed to check it out. I guess YouTube is the number 2 search engine. That means Google is number one. As every fool in this country goes to google every time they need to find out something, that's pretty obvious. But YouTube? I guess I'm just not cool enough or haven' t figured it out. I go to YouTube and after about a minute I run out of things to search for or I've watched a minute or two of a video and my very limited attention span and interest has run out. But, I guess that is not true for most people. They searchin' and watchin' like crazy.

And I guess haulin' too. It seems one of the things people are searching for are shopping haulers or haul videos. And it seems that there are hundreds of thousands of these videos on YouTube. These are people that go shopping (I guess mostly tween and teen girls) and then come home and video themselves describing, in GREAT detail, what they bought. Yes, this happens! And the videos are long. Most of the ones I saw are over 10 minutes long. And they get watched, thousands of times. Shoot, one very popular shopping hauler has videos that have been watched over 600,000 times - I kid you not. Wait, some even over 1 millon times! In fact, it looks like she has gotten so popular that the news media has picked up and she's been on good morning america.

So I watched a couple of these and they are really not so interesting. Yes, I get very excited when I get a deal on something new. And I think once I even went so far as to blog about a very fiscally sound flax oil purchase!!!!! But, video taping my excitement? Or caring about anyone elses excitement? One girl went to walmart and target and blogged about staples she got there. Then she went to some store called Joy Joy (or something) and was all excited because she got 30 things for $49.25. I lasted long enough for her to show me a $1 brush and four pairs of super cheap earrings that will probably be discarded as trash quickly, before I decided I really didn't care and was wasting valuable minutes of my life.

Oh and can I just mention, that all these vloggers spend their entire video looking at the camera self consciously and straightening their clothing and hair!

Anyhow. I just thought all of you would want some help staying as cutting edge as possible! And me, now I am cutting edge as YouTube has pegged as a hauler lover. When I pull up Tube all that pops up are hauler videos!

I'm so Tween!

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