Thursday, January 27, 2011

I've Been Searchin' High

Okay, bonus points to anyone who can get the musical reference in the title. I'm guessing my sister can. Anyone else? I actually heard this very song just this week. As I was cruisin' the Vegas strip in my snazzy (shall I say glitzy?) Ford Focus. And I will admit publicly, I was kind of excited to hear it and sing along. Hopefully, you all either don't know the song and/or aren't too thoroughly disgusted by my admission.

But, moving on to the real topic of this blog, my new shoes! So, I have been searching for the perfect pair of shoes. I knew essentially how I wanted them to look, even if I did not have the exact details. But unfortunately, these shoes were proving very elusive, for months. I have searched the internet. I have searched pages and pages of shoes on Polyvore (and actually found some that would have worked, but they were always either extra expensive or old and no longer in stock). I have searched every store I have been in since November. Nowhere.

Basically, I just wanted a really basic pair of oxfords. Not the current trendy laceless ones. Not the small heeled 80s dance shoe style that seem to be 'en vogue'. Not sparkly. Just basic, solid oxfords. I actually bought a pair in Vegas that, though not actual oxfords, I thought might fill the void, but alas, after 100s of try ons and obsessing over them in the Westin mirror, I decided they just wouldn't work.

So today, I was in Nordstrom for something completely different, stamps actually, and I decided to just swing by the shoe departments. After a quick futile review, I was ready to walk out in defeat, when an associate I know said hi and asked what I was up to. I replied that I was looking for the perfect shoe. He as asked if it was something specific and when I said oxfords, he said that they were just about to get a bunch in. Then he thought for a minute and said, but we have one pair......

So, he started leading me to a fixture. Now, I knew this fixture. Moments before I had seen lace up shoes on that fixture and taken a look. My quick glance had reveal the...., okay, I will stop myself and not say ugliest, because they weren't as much ugly, as practical. They are what my family might call 'orthos', which stands for orthopedic shoes. Basically, a pair of extremely comfortable shoes that should never be worn by someone under 70 or so. As he led me over I was dismayed, did he really think so little of my fashion sense that he thought I might want those shoes? But guess what, nestled in between the brown and black orthos, was the most perfect, beautiful pair of oxfords.

And the rest is history!


Anonymous said...

Oh dear...Milli Vanilli? Does Suzanne have a secret obsession?

Anonymous said...

I'm coming up short... not the the '70's song "I've been searching (searching), down a one-way street, searching (searching) for somebody to meet"? OMG failing the sister test.
I do like Milli Vanilli but only know their hits. Suzanne