Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Faux(,) Glitz, and Glitter

AKA Vegas Baby! I went to Vegas for the first time ever this week. Turns out, I probably could have gone my entire life without Vegas and not missed anything. I was ready to leave after an hour or two. And dark sleep, forget about it!

Perhaps a photo montage will suffice.......

Me ready for my hot night out on the town (by myself)

I'm sure I'm supposed to look at this and be awed by beauty and inspiration, but really,
how much electricity is being used! Oh wait, too curmudgeonly?

Paris? No Vegas!

Venice?? Oh wait, still Vegas.

Barry Manilow and Cher were there, who knew they were still singing.

Michael Jackson is ALIVE!

Glitz, glitter and an INFINITE number of photos and photo ops!

Rabbits and China. Seems it's Chinese new year and the year of the rabbit.
So all the hotels jumped on that band wagon.

Many super fancy malls, very expensive stores, and few shoppers.

This was inside, it only pretended to be outside. It came complete with a thunderstorm.

The 50s are back.

Cool walkway, just because.

Even the UGGs were a little glitzier.

My breakfast came with its very own, brand new condiments.
Thank god we weren't reusing the ketchup bottle.

The dogs poop on astroturf!

There were hundreds of these very annoying card slapping guys. I think they were naked lady cards.

The birds poop in garbage cans.

My glorious trip, 3 days too many in vegas, ended with a 12 hour nightmare trip home, a broken down plane and missing luggage. That event was only slightly improved by this lady and her bird. Here she is holding it over a garbage can urging it repeatly to poop!


Anonymous said...

I've never understood the allure of Vegas. Yet for some reason I've always felt that in order to be a "true" American, one must visit it once (along with Graceland and a trip to Branson). I guess it's just to remind myself that I am glad I live in the great Pacific Nortwest. Well that and the strange obession I have with Elvis in the 70's...

tracy said...

great post! i'm always awed by's extravagance. and to think that we as humans created that mess!