Friday, January 14, 2011

Is this my life?


This morning I was trying to find a plastic container to put some salad in. I found the plastic container no problem, then proceeded to pull out about 10 or so lids. Lids that appeared to be the EXACT size of the container, but did NOT actually fit! This, of course, ended with many plastic containers and lids on the floor and me trying to convince the dog that I wasn't mad at him, but myself. It might be hard to tell from the picture, but the ratio of LIDS to containers is probably 20 to 1 and still none fit!

Anyhow, I'm now mid project 'plastic clean up and recycle'. I need maybe two of these in my life.

After! Recycling the black bin occupants.

And, just as an added bonus to this blog. I realize I have been light on Otto photos. Well, fortunately for all of you, there just happened to be some really cute Otto photos left over on my camera that downloaded when the plastic pictures did.


Ahhh, the cutest thing ever!

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