Monday, August 24, 2009

You know you're addicted to crossfit when


Or this? Is there even a question?

I bought a dress a month or so ago. It’s super cute and while still rather expensive, it was on sale. It fits perfectly and, may I even say, is a little sexy (It looks better on me than the dorky model). But, I have had it a month and haven’t worn it. I know if I keep it, I’ll wear it occasionally, but mostly it will sit in my closet with the other super cute dress clothes I own. Since I’m paying off this house project, I have pretty much decided I just can’t afford it right now.

Then today, I was at crossfit and we were doing back squats. I friend let me borrow her weight lifting shoes. Weight lifting shoes have a slightly raised heel and are very rigid, so all your effort goes directly into helping your lift (when you lifting in running shoes, some of the effort is absorbed by the cushion of the shoes). Squatting in these shoes was pure heaven. I was stronger. I could squat down farther (my biggest issue). I want these shoes.

So, the question I posed to myself on my way to work from crossfit was, if it was between the dress and the weight lifting shoes, which would you want. The answer, without even the slightest hesitation or doubt? The shoes!!! The dress is going back! Oh wait, what happened to not being able to spend the money?

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