Monday, August 17, 2009

Your Tax Dollars at Work.

Have space aliens invaded Hood Canal, or is it the government?

Our cabin on Hood Canal was invaded by the government today. The USGA (United States Geological something) is doing some testing on the canal. I wasn't exactly sure why, but five geologists. Or actually I think it was two geologists, one wanna be geologist and two friends of geologists showed up to do some testing. One of the guys was from Denver and one was from Georgia. I wasn't really sure why our little spot on the map - way on the tail end of the canal - was important enough for the government to be flying these folks around the country, buying tax free merchandise in Belfair and testing our waters, but that was the story. They were testing ground water seepage into the canal. And eventually the amount of nitrogren this introduces into the canal. And from there, well, I am sure the knowledge and understanding that can be extrapolated from that information is endless. They were pretty excited anyhow.

Fortunately, for your and my tax dollars. Their gadgets were not exactly high tech. They involved lots of rusty barrels, plastic tubing, plastic bags and various plastic containers. Somehow these devices tested seepage levels. There was much diving and shouting out of letters - 'a open', 'c closed' and so on. It actually provided hours of entertainment!

Official government gadgetry.

An alien walking the canal with his ship (oh, really the very chipper Denver geologist).

Sticking rusted barrels in the mud, this is where I learned how
much better my mom's camera is and how much further it zooms!

And in other Hood Canal news......

The sunset last night was insane.

The geologists did not get to see mom looking lovely in
lavender on lavender on lavender, but she did successfully
sweet talk the cute new next door neighbor into starting
her lawn mower while wearing this ensemble.
I'm surprised he didn't mow the entire lawn and stick around for lemonade!

Otto, as usual, provided no help to the geologists, but he did look insanely cute!

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