Monday, August 10, 2009

R is for Run

My worthless blackberry camera doesn't even begin to do this justice.

Imagine, me and the wilderness, no cars no bikes.....
A woman at one with the world - though thank god I had the blackberry.

So I took some flack this year for finally coming out of the closet with my dislike for 5 hour bike rides and my preference for trail running. Every year I go on a bike trip up and over Highway 20 in Washington. It's a beautiful ride and a great challenge. It's all up and down hill. But my body does not like sitting on a bike for 5 hours. And the ride includes crazy descents that most bike riders love, but I dread. This year I decided to try the north cascades run. It was quiet - no cars - and peaceful. There were lots of critters running around and beautiful babbling brooks (yes there still is water in Washington).

I just want to share a couple pictures of how much more beautiful and peaceful it was running rather than riding. All that was missing was my trusted running companion Otto (yes, no Otto pictures!!!!)

BTW, I'll post some more pictures of the weekend in the next couple day.

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