Saturday, August 15, 2009

Exciting Updates

Okay, in reality my updates are not exciting at all, BUT I want to pat myself on the back about all the work I have done and make sure all my blog readers don't feel I have forgotten them.

Measly sad little tomato plants....

We'll start with tomatoes. The tomato plants have been very disappointing this year. Rumor on the street is that perhaps I was not fully appreciative of their water needs during this crazy Seattle summer - ie they needed much more than I provided. Who knew the soil was supposed to be damp at all times. Hmmm. Anyhow, I have had a handful of cherry tomatoes - so few that I eat then one at a time as I go out to walk the dog. The 'beefsteak' tomatoes really haven't fared well. I had one that was half rotten before I picked it. And there are two on the plant now that might be ready in a day or two. I would say they are VERY small for beefsteak tomatoes. (Beefsteak my ass....).

DONE! (Well except for a little touch up caulk that needs to be repainted)

Finishing project. Well, I'm still finishing. But there has been progress. Here's the list,

Pretty purple = FINISH FINISHED!

7 windows frames - inside (stained) and out (painted)
2 doors - One stained, one painted
3 door frames - one stained, two painted
interior walls - stained
ceiling - stained
exterior walls - painted/caulked
1 very pretty new bench/chest thing - stained

The words partially colored means I'm partially done. Basically I am all done outside and I think I'm all done with the really hard and annoying parts! You might note in the picture that there is gray on the bottom on the outside, that is dirt - rain seems to equal dust bowl splattered on house!

No more sleeping outside or Sound Transit runs, so no excitement on that front.

And two pieces of new news. First, I think I exploded the electrical system in my car. A bottle of Kombucha tea decided to blow up when I opened it. This has been wreaking havoc on my radio for the last month or so (sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn't). Today, the turn signals decided to go as well. Oh, and as of today when I turn the lights on, the radio shuts off. Somehow those seem bad and expensive signs.

And secondly, my friend Dan Smith has had a kick ass poster show at Bumbershoot for the last 3 years. He has applied for a grant through to help pay expenses and would love your vote. You have to register for the Nau site then find his grant and click a few (five) stars to vote for him. It's a little hard to find indiviual grants but if you 'view all' then do 'control F' ('command F' on a mac) and type daniel, he pops right up. Thanks from Dan!

(sorry I am sure there is a way to make the above a hyperlink, but I'm not that smart. )

Finally, still planning on posting North Cascades photos. Stay tuned!!

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