Thursday, November 21, 2013

We Must Rectify This Situation

OMG. Where have the blogs gone?  I have hit a serious dry spell. And it's so sad. I just went back and reviewed two blogs I wrote around thanksgiving time last year and they are SO FUNNY!! (Thanksgiving and Whiny injury blog). How is it that I am depriving the world of this entertainment? Shoot, how is it that I am depriving myself of this entertainment? Yes, work has taken over my life and my brain and left my incapable of focusing on anything else (or at least incapable of using my brain for anything else).  But that's lame and it's just stupid because work is just a tiny piece of life and should be kept in the sidelines as much as possible.  (Why is it that people in this country don't buy into that idea? Sure it's good and rewarding and all that to have a job, but it's not a life!)

Anyhoo, I will try to rectify the situation this weekend with a fascinating blog. If I can come up with a topic (I think that is the other issue, sometimes there isn't a damn thing to write about). But, I will do my best to keep us all entertained during these dreary winter months!

And I'll leave you with some Daisy cuteness, curled up in front of the heat register! It's her new home, on the floor in the kitchen.

And maybe I will also leave you with the fact that there is a very large, very slow flying fly in my house. And every minute or two it whips by my face. And if I go to another room, it whips by my face in that room. AND it won't land anywhere so I can't kill it. Buzz buzz buzz buzz buzz.......


And goodnight.

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