Sunday, November 24, 2013

Week in Review

Well, I may have lost all my viewers, but I did promise a new blog so I'd better step up. Of course, there is the issue that I don't actually have anything to blog about. So, I thought I'd give you the top 10 3 things on my mind this week (i'll stop at 3 because I seem to be going on and on). I doubt these are in any order. And they may not include the major work things on my mind, because those are extra boring!

1. Puppies!!! Regular and attentive readers of my blog will remember penny. She has visited a few times. Well, she went and got herself knocked up!  AND she's having puppies next week!  And I'm on the on call midwife if her mom is at work when she goes into labor. Ack. So Monday, if Penny has puppies, we're doing it together! (at least then I'll have a real topic for a blog).

pregnant penny
Penny as a puppy herself!
2. Back squats!  Every Monday at my gym we do back squats (usually 3 sets of 5 reps). And every monday we add 1k weight to the previous week's weight (that's 2.2 pounds). Unless, of course, one wasn't successful the previous week, and then you don't go up at all. And then at some point, after you've gone up and up and up and up and the weight gets so insanely heavy that you think you're going to die and you lose sleep sunday night because you're so worried about lifting on Monday AND, even more importantly, it gets heavy enough that your form goes to shit, after all that, you drop down to practice your form and start all over again. (Yes, I am sure that is a run on sentence, so sorry.) Anyhow, for the last, I don't know how long, I've been struggling with a hamstring injury. With this injury, I lost the ability to squat anything over 88K. Every time I'd try 89K (that's 195.8 pounds for those of you arithmatically challenged), my brain would explode!  I'd whine and moan and get extra miserable. There'd be lots of drama and at some point I'd drop the weight mid squat (ie drop on the floor because my brain would decide I couldn't possibly stand up).

So anyhow, this week I hit 89 again and, as you can imagine, I've been extra worried. BUT, it was easy!!!  I don't know how it happened. But it was very very exciting.

Of course, tomorrow is 90K.............

My guess is that is only slightly more than 89K

3. COLD!!  As in it got cold and I'm not ready to spent the next 3 months cold!  Some people don't seem to get cold. They live in super warm houses. Then walk quickly to their cars with spiffy heaters. Only to sit at a toasty desk. Etc etc. They wear light coats and look all cute stylie. But me, maybe I just spent too much time outside (bike rides to work, at the gym - which might as well be outside, walking the dog etc), but starting about now, I feel like i'm cold for the duration. Or, if I'm not cold all the time, then I'm on the verge. Or will be cold if I leave my kitchen (the warmest room in the house). (And yes people, I do turn the heat on in my house, it's on right now!)

And forget stylie. I'll spend 3 months looking like I woke up and layered 20 layers of sweat items on top of my sleep wear (hmmm, wonder why?).

And hats? Some people put on hat and look chic. I hate hats. And they hate me as well. Not to mention the hair issue they cause. (Probably another reason I'm cold - not a big scarf fan either.)

Or how about fingers and toes. I think my fingers and toes will be in pain every time I go outside between now and February! (and yes I do wear gloves and warm socks)

So, since it has gotten cold* this week, I have started dreading the rest of the winter. And it's been on my mind. A lot.

*disclaimer. I fully understand that on a relative basis it is not actually cold in Seattle at the moment, but whatever, it's what my body knows, so I say COLD!

This is me in my sleepwear + added layers. Sexy.

And one more note, I wanted to make a special call out to Jay, who made me realize I could change the battery in my car key without doing serious damage. It seemed like a big deal.

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