Sunday, July 28, 2013

A Weekend with a Champion - a story in pictures.

This weekend Penny's parents were out of town and Otto, Daisy and I got to host a blue ribbon winning bitch (see Dog Show). And what fun we had!

 Hi!  I'm Penny, My mom and dad are out of town and I'm a little concerned. Please be extra nice to me!  I'll do my best to look extra cute to help with the process.

I'd say this photo kind of sums of the weekend. Penny was a blur of motion and Otto was a little concerned by what was going on!

The weekend involved lots of events that never happen when the world is just Otto, Daisy and me. Here is an exciting trip to the dog park. It was about 100 degrees.

After the dog park we panted a lot. Well, Penny panted and drooled and panted and drooled. Otto and I wondered how the heck it was possible to pant so much!

Other fun weekend events

Meals were extra exciting as four eyes watched my every move and made sure I was performing properly (I think I see a tongue sticking out of Otto's mouth)

Penny pulled out every last one of Otto's toys. Otto has a full box of toys that he never (EVER) touches. It was nice to have them get some use. Here the green bone and zebra striped squeaky bone get their play debut!

We played!  Saturday morning the dogs were outside and I heard some strange noises. I went out side and found Otto playing!  As soon as he saw me he abruptly stopped. So I went inside and when it started up again I snuck pictures through the window!

We hiked!  We hiked 8.2 miles.

Mornings were extra fun. Everyone decided that they needed to join me on the bed (Penny actually slept with me - Otto doesn't) Penny decided that mornings on the bed needed to involve bone chewing, hmmmm.)

We went through the car wash, Penny wasn't too sure about that.

And finally, you're probably wondering what Daisy thought about all of this. Well, Daisy wasn't really pro Penny. She spent her weekend either sitting on this table (where i put her food). hissing or sleeping in the dirty clothes bin.

At one point she became super brave (or something) and decided she needed to venture out with the dogs. Penny rewarded her with her bravery by asking her to play. It didn't go over very well. (You'll notice that I decided to make sure I captured the event on film rather than making sure Daisy avoided the conflict).

That was the fun. Penny, come back any time!

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nicola erbeck said...

Penny loves her Auntie Berta! Thanks for loving her!