Saturday, July 13, 2013


Hello to all my devoted fans. Sorry, I don't seem to have hit upon a blog inspiration lately, but I have taken a couple pictures that I'm quite proud of and I thought I would share them until I am hit with a fit of genius for a legit post. (I am so hampered in my genius mode, that I had to look up how to ever spell genius. No it is not genious!)

Apologies to my instagram friends who had already seen these.

To come clean, this particular flower had a little photo shot help.

Love this one so much I had to like it myself on instagram (that's a lot of love).

And finally, this last picture, my mom picked a couple flowers to put on my sister birthday cake. She didn't end up using these three which at the time were buds. So I stumbled around with what the heck to do with them. I finally stuck them in this tiny mug. They were so thankful, that by today they were opened up and beautiful!

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