Saturday, June 23, 2012

Road Trip!

 As many of you know, Otto and I just returned from a 2 week road trip!  In an effort to share my wildly exciting photos, I thought I would do a series of blogs about the trip over the next week.  Wow. A blog series!  So exciting.

This first blog will just include some fun facts. I drove 3198 miles, averaging 47-48 miles per gallon.I was in Washington, Oregon, Idaho, Utah, Wyoming, Colorado, Utah, Idaho, Montana, Idaho and Washington (in that order). My most favorite state was Colorado. My least favorite was Wyoming (which I think that more to do with the part of Wyoming I was in, than the state itself). I did get the best gas mileage in Wyoming (55 MPG or so) because it was so damn windy! More fun facts, I used 68 gallons of gas and paid about $278 for it. For some reason, gas is much cheaper in those middle states than here on the coast. And for some reason, those crazy folks in Oregon won't let you pump your own gas. It made me very nervous!  Are you supposed to tip those guys??

The most I drove in one day was 535 miles.  It was through Idaho and Montana on I15. It's a dreamy highway, 80+ mph the whole way and totally straight and flat.    

One more fun fact, my car hit 10,000 miles the next time I drove, 3 miles after the end of my trip!

Okay, a few quick photos to wet your appetite for the good stuff.     

First stop QFC to buy some ice and a little light reading!

Otto looked like this most of the time in the car.  
I looked like this most of the time in the car (protecting the tattoo from sun).
Wyoming. This was a 60 mile detour I took by mistake. The road was completely empty the entire time!

Highway 15!
(There was plenty of bad traffic, bad trucks, construction, and mountain ranges, but I didn't take those pictures. If I had, I might not be here right now. )
Otto was not the only animal staying at hotels.  (Super 8, Nampa Idaho)

Some small towns are small and cute.

Some are not so small and no so cute cute.

Rolling was key after hours in the car. Though, I'm still a little concerned that I may have crippled myself for life!

More soon!!


tracy said...

berta, nobody knows what rolling is!

To Blog or Not to Blog said...

How do you not know what rolling is. Whatever!