Saturday, June 9, 2012

Garden 2012

Okay, I wanted to get a quick blog up with the garden pictures. Some of you are ready to fall asleep right now, but that's okay, maybe you needed a little rest. Some of you seem to find this stuff fascinating, so here goes.

I have been very relaxed with the garden this year - perhaps to the point that I'm forgetting I need to plant things. This probably will not improve output, but we'll see what August brings.

Kale!  Leggy kale. Someone gave me these kale plants sometime in the fall and they sat around doing NOTHING forever. Now they're putting more energy into producing flowers than actual kale, but it all tastes pretty good sauted!

Let's see. Baby Kale. Baby Peppers (last year these same peppers never got any bigger than this, we'll see if anything happens this year). And Baby Delicata Squash that will probably have to move.

Last year I planted sage and a bunch of mint around my beds. They are both very happy!  The mint is invading the beds. Perhaps a little too happy!

Onions that my neighbor gave me. Radishes which grew really fast and are kind of awesome, except half of them are rotted and something is coming in and taking bites out of the tops of the radishes (euw). Carrots. Which are really really slow!

And, La Piece de Resistance. The woman who built my beds grows fancy tomatoes. One of these is pink with yellow shoulders (or the other way around) and one is black.  Last year I was not brave enough to grow tomatoes after some previous tomato trauma (see old posts). Let hope these year we get some sun and have happy tomatoes!
     That's the garden. There are blue berry plants I put in last year. But I forgot to take a picture and the something has already eaten all baby berries so I won't get much out of that!

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