Sunday, May 15, 2011

Hood Canal, New and Improved

New paint + fancy porch that goes around the front of the house + new metal roof.
It now has a foundation, turns out it didn't before.

I have had some requests for pictures of Hood Canal. Well, not the canal, but my family's cabin on the canal (in my family we refer to the cabin as 'Hood Canal', as if we own the whole thing, really the Gates (Bill and family), 10 or so miles down the road, probably own a good bit more than we do). As some of you know my family's cabin suffered a major catastrophe a year and a half ago. This catastrophe involved a lot of warm water spewing into the cabin for 6 weeks or so, a very high electricity bill (much higher than the water bill), AND an insane amount of mold which resulted in the entire cabin being gutted. Now, a year and a half + a huge amount of work, decision making and trips to Seattle on my mom's part + some major amounts of stress and strife, the cabin is almost done. Here is yet another photo montage. (Some day soon I will once again think of a blog topic and stop with the photo montages!)

Shiny kitchen! Fir floors recycled from some floor somewhere.
Walls are recycled wood too, from wood that was logged in the early 1900s(?)
and had been sitting as logs for about 100 years. The project had to stop for a couple months while it dried out.

This isn't a very good picture, but this is in the living room looking up at the new attic room.
To the left is a very steep stair way which has a name (that I can't recall at the moment). Again, recycled wood walls. Light is from a schoolhouse somewhere, recycled.

Mom on the stairs, still can't recall the name alternating tread?

Otto checking it all out + new stove!

Bathroom, the walls are the small amount of wood that we
were able to salvage from the old house.
Tub is original, everything else new.

Otto moping in the closet, probably staking his claim for a 4th of July hiding place.

On demand hot water heater!! Let me tell you, doing anything the environmentally sound way is super expensive and lots of extra stress. In 2011 you'd think these things would be encouraged.

Mom obsessing over details, Otto and I hard at work as usual.

Back door.

We're now working on furniture. We have exactly what you see in these pictures.

Oh, and nice work Mom!!!


Robb Joyce said...

So nice, what a great place to get away to. Jealous!

Jen said...

Wow! Looks so much the same while being all new! Hope to see it some day! Xox

Ps great job, anne!

Anonymous said...

Wow! What a stunning resurrection of the family cabin! I love that you used so many recycled and re-used materials. Major props to your mother (she really does rock!). I hope this cabin stays in your family for many more generations! It’s a beautiful location and I know it must have many happy memories for you and your family.

tracy said...

wowzers! the place looks AWESOME! can't wait to see it this summer!

Anonymous said...

Roberta deserves a lot of credit for being the "in Seattle" family member with whom I stayed often on my monthly trips out to oversee the rebuild. Our little house looks great, as Roberta said. All walls, floors and more are recycled (spe...cial shout out to Suzanne). Roberta and Suzanne were also the ones who made sure we got "on demand hot water". The ladder to the attic --"alternating steps" --intrigued the designer (architect and daughter-in-law, Carmen Vidal Hallett who helped to make it beautiful) and the builder--don't get to do those often and they include little "cubbies" and a little closet on the side of the steps. The lights are almost all "schoolhouse globes"--all but one recycled. They are actually the globes that were in either your, or your mother's or father's, schools , hence the name. We encourage visits from all of you, especially if you are prepared to oooh and aaah, because it really does look great. Come this summer, please. You are hereby invited. Love, Anne/Mom