Saturday, April 9, 2011

Things About Myself That Drive Me Crazy

This could be an extremely long (endless?) blog post, but I'll just keep it short and start with the current item of dismay, my complete inability to throw something away until it is COMPLETELY empty. One would think I had grown up in the depression, or at least raised by people who grew up in the depression. But neither is actually the case (I am much to young for that).

That case at hand, you may not be able to see it from the pictures, but these dish soaps are basically empty. There is a tiny bit of detergent in both of them. Any normal person might decide they are finished and throw them away (I have already purchased their replacement). Unfortunately, I cannot bring myself to do that. This means two things. First, when I try to get soap out of the bottle it takes lots of time and shaking. And secondly and even more vexing, bottles with very little content do not stay upright. So I am continually knocking both of them over, which is extremely annoying. Not to mention the fact that I have two bottles sitting on my counter at all times.

Not to embarrass them unduly, but my family does this as well. Well probably not my brother, but I know my sister makes sure she finished every drop. The other day my mom offered me some soap she had saved from a hotel. I'm afraid I reacted rather strongly. You see, I have my own little soaps that I have been unable to leave at hotels and am desperately trying to get rid of. I cannot take on anyone else's soap guilt.


tracy said...

this was a hilarious post. and oh so opposite of my own, wasteful, habits.

Anonymous said...

OMG, it's true! I'm same/worse and subject to mockery, back in the days when siblings still came by (or also lived in) my house. Tip: turn one bottle upside down and drain it into the other = only one bottle, more liquid. Or refill with bulk supplies at the Co-op, then the last drop is not so special. I've gone somewhat off the grid with things like bar hair conditioners, which then go into reusable glass jars. I could put an endless post on my various 1850's style home tips, as well....

nirvanashot said...

Uh, I do the same and I have found solutions to both conundrums...for the dish soap, take the caps off of both bottles (new and old) and prop the old bottle up so that it sits on the top of the new and allow it to drain into the new overnight.
For the little soaps, mold them into your existing shower soap when both are wet. If one is conscious about the situation for the next couple of showers, the soaps will mold together and become one. I do this with all of the soap that I make, as I don't want to waste a single sud.
...either it's a generational thing, a conscientious redhead thing, or there are more conservations than we think