Sunday, April 17, 2011

South Lake Union

See how happy SLU people are!

Any of you who have driven in Seattle have probably at some point been plagued by traffic on Mercer Street. It's a mess. And now that Amazon has moved their head quarters to the area, it's only getting worse. The city has a plan to make this better, they're making it two way, instead of one way. I'm really not sure how a two way street is going to improve things, but, I digress. The real point is that yesterday Mercer was closed in preparation of it's new bi status, and I had to detour into the heart of South Lake Union to get myself up to Capitol Hill.

So yesterday, I had a little impromptu tour of South Lake Union. And let me tell you, it kind of rocks! There are lots of fancy new condo buildings (filled with Amazon working hipsters), tons of restaurants including a new Tom Douglas hot spot. There is a fancy new park (with the extra fancy title of Lake Union Park) that has a toy boat pond and a bunch of cool old ships. There is a pea patch! A street car name SLUT that people actually ride (it seems like it doesn't go very far, so I'm always surprised when people ride it). Not to mention, massage, yoga, martial arts, coffee shops, a hardware store, whole foods! Seriously it's all there.

As I drove through, I saw lots of smiley people in restaurants and people meandering to places they needed to be. I guess you could say it looked very self contained without being in the middle of downtown.

So, I think that's where I want to live. Not now. Now I have my house that I love. I have my own personal green space. I have lots of cute little sprouting plants that need a place to live. A dog that lives only to lie in the 'sun'. But, I think that might be my 10 year plan. In 10 years, when I get sick of taking care of my house, buying new roofs, weeding the endless blackberry, dandelion and ivy sprouts that will not stop cropping up. In 10 years, I will buy a cute little condo in walking distance of everything. Of course, in 10 years I will be the old lady in a sea of old hipsters, but as long as I'm still doing Crossfit, at least I'll be able to kick their butts!

'Please please, don't take me away from my sun spot!'

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Anonymous said...

I feel the same way about SLU. If I was 10-years younger and worked downtown (or thereabouts), I could see myself living there. In some ways, it kind of reminds me of the Pearl District in Portland (but with fewer old buildings and less green space). Anyone remember the proposed Seattle Commons idea from years ago? I’ve always wondered if that had passed, would there be more open space in South Lake Union? I do love the idea of having everything I need within walking distance, and SLU certainly meets the criteria. But urban farming on a condo patio isn’t going to cut it for me at this stage of my life. Plus I’ll never be as fit as you, so in 10-years, I’m counting on you to keep the hipsters in line!