Sunday, March 27, 2011

Project Vegetable, Part 2

Garden beds.
The first one has tiny onions planted in rows that may not be far enough apart!

I know you have all been waiting on the edge of your seats for an update on the vegetable project. (Actually, I thought you had all been waiting on the edge of your seats, but it turns out my mom hasn't even managed to read 'Project Vegetable, Part 1'. If my mom isn't keeping up, it's possible none of you are. But I will carry on as if you're dying to hear anyhow.)

This was a big week. Seeds were planted. Planters were built (thanks Seattle Feed! I highly recommend them is anyone wants planters or chicken coops, We're off and running. There are now at least 216 more beings alive this week because of me - though a caveat is that probably 1/2 of those will be killed off before they make it outside to the garden (survival of the fittest and all).

I bought a bunch of seeds and was going to start them inside, because it seems that is what you do when you live in Seattle. First things first, I read all the instructions on the packets and was a bit dismayed to find that each type of vegetable has a different set of rules for growth - time you plant, where you plant, temperature etc etc. It's almost enough to make one want to throw up one's hands and give up. But, no, I was not deterred. I was, however, concerned because these little plantlets wanted to be warm. My house, though warmer than outside, it not warm during most of the day or at night. So, I went shopping. At Lowe's I found the Jiffy Heated PROFESSIONAL Greenhouse. Yes, foks, this is what the professionals use. I reached a new level in my gardening career in my one trip to Lowes.

And, guess what, it worked. A week out and my little plants are has happy as can be. I am sure there are many more hurdles to jump over. But we'll take this project step by step.

On another note entirely, I was doing some work in the garden and when I finished, Otto was sitting staring at the garden beds and would not come in. So, I left him out. Ten minutes or so later when I went out to take pictures, he was just sitting by the Subaru. He wouldn't move until I finally enticed him inside with food. Crazy dog!



Anonymous said...

Those raised beds -- and seedlings -- are lookin' GOOD. So you don't think I skipped the happy animals chapter, I'm ready for your backyard chicken coop, too.

Anonymous said...

Yay! Nice boxes and that looks like some great soil! I just planted some Walla Walla sweets today and was wondering the same thing- did I plant them too close to each other? If so, it just means they’ll be salad onions and not full-sized. What’s next? Peas? Beans? My big splurge last year was a 6x8 greenhouse. I love it! Seems like even when I don’t have anything to do out there, I’ll find a reason to sit out there with a glass of wine and listen to the rain. For me, gardening really is a form of meditation. I’m hoping it brings you the same sort of joy!