Sunday, April 24, 2011

The Staycation

Is there anything more brilliant than being on vacation? I've been taking a the day of my birth off of work forever (why the hell would you work on your birthday?). But about 4 years ago I started taking time off for my birthday. For the last few years this has involved some type of trip, but this year I decided to just take a week off. I have been extremely excited for weeks now and yesterday was the first day.

And it was absolutely perfect!
  1. 65-70 degrees. WARM. It was warm. If you don't live in Seattle at the moment you cannot truly understand the brilliance of this. It has not been warm in Seattle this year. Even if it happens to manage to be sunny, it has been COLD! I can't tell you how many times I have gone outside in normal spring time clothes and nearly frozen to death. Really! All 'spring' if I haven't had a down coat and gloves on I've been cold (and, of course, grouchy). But yesterday, all one can really say is OMG. We all lay in the sun and just felt warm.
  2. Crossfit. Have I mentioned I LOVE Crossfit? Yesterday morning I arrived at Crossfit with low expectation after not sleeping properly for 3 nights. All my favorite Crossfiters were there including some very strong ladies. Typically these women are just a little bit faster than me (especially if there any jumping involved - as my legs are virtually fast twitch free). Yesterday, we did a lot of running (starting with 1200 meters), pullups and thrusters (heavy bar held at chest level, squat down and stand up thrusting bar overhead). I decided I just needed to go at my own pace and not worry about trying to keep up with the fast ladies. So at the end of the 1200 meter run they were well ahead of me. Jump ahead a few levels of pain later to the second set of thrusters, I pulled ahead and never looked back!! Fastest female at proscribed weight, second fastest overall!
  3. Spring greens = the best salad ever! I forgot about farmer's markets and really really fresh light FLAVORFUL vegetables. Yes I have been going to the farmer's market all 'spring', but heavy root winter vegetables are not the same as a truly fresh, light salad mix. I can't wait for the real stuff to start (strawberries, raspberries, peaches, tomatoes, lemon cucumbers, broccoli that taste like candy!).
  4. 8pm bed time. Yes it was Saturday. And yes it had been sunny all day so everyone in the city was probably out having an incredible amount of fun. But I'd been out two nights in a row and hadn't been sleeping so at 8 I got in bed to read and the next thing you know I'm sound asleep -- for 10 beautiful glorious hours of rest!
I'm trying to think what else made yesterday so awesome. It's not like I did anything outstanding. I think it was the summer break feeling. You know when it's warm out and you know you're going to be free for a long time. So the first couple days (before the 'mom, I'm bored' sets in), you're just happy!

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Anonymous said...

Saturday was a truly glorious day- the kind of day that reminds us why we put up with the gloom and doom so many months out of the year! It’s amazing how energized just one day of sunshine can make me feel. And I swear the veggies grew more in one day, than they have in weeks. If every day was like yesterday, would it be as special? Who knows. But for now, I’ll just feed off of the happiness of yesterday and hope for more in the coming weeks…