Friday, October 8, 2010

Sometimes things are that good!

As an antidote to my previous post, I will now mention that sometimes you assume things are too good to be true, and it turns out they are that good.

Allow me to illustrate with a little story. About 5 years ago I bought one of those inflatable double beds to use when I have company (I know, luxurious accommodations!). I bought it at a garage sale and it came with this annoying foot pump. For 5 years I have been blowing that thing up with the foot pump and it SUCKS. The nozzle doesn't fit properly and keeps slipping. Invariably it slips out at least once, I lose all the air in the mattress and have to start the process over nearly from scratch. It takes forever and it's exhausting. It involves many many swear words and usually sends the cat and dog running in terror!

Today, I knew I would have to do this when I got home and I've been dreading it. Then, when I pulled out the mattress I looked for the first time (in 5 years) at this little plastic funnel thing that was in the bag. I tried to attach it to the mattress somehow, thinking that this would make the pump attachment fit better. That didn't work at all, but it made me remember that some kind of battery pack had come with the mattress. So I dug around in the bag and found this small battery operated pump. I had never used it, never even tried it, assuming it was broken or the batteries were dead or something. Anyhow, I thought, hmmm, maybe I should go buy new batteries. Before jumping in the car, I plugged the little plastic funnel into the battery pack and the next thing I know, the battery pack is blowing out air!!!!!!!! Hello!!!! I attached the pack to the mattress. Cooled my heels for about 5 minutes and the mattress was full. FIVE YEARS OF HELL gone.


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