Sunday, October 31, 2010

It's All Right Now

It seems this rather studly guy, aka Stanford quarterback, is ranked #1 in the country!

So, this is a blog that will be relevant to NONE of my happy readers, because I'm sure none of you care whatsoever about Stanford football. It's possible I don't care. But, since I did yesterday, and it's my blog here we go.

An old friend from college was in town to see the Stanford vs Huskies foootball game (Actually I guess that's Cardinal vs Huskies, we are the Cardinal and yes, that is Cardinal the color not cardinals, the bird - because we're uber intellectual. Our mascot is the tree of learning. I'm just sayin'.). I don't think I have seen Stanford play football since 1992, so it was probably time to check them out again. Back in the day, well anytime I have checked in in the last 20 some years, UW ALWAYS beats Stanford. But, despite that assumption, I jumped at the chance to go to a game.

So, game day rolls around and it happens to be POURING. Yes, all capitals. It was not drizzling, or raining, or pouring, but POURING all day long. And guess what, at Husky stadium it seems the visiting team gets very bad seats that have no cover. So, we sat in the pouring rain watching Stanford kick UWs butt. Hello, it seems in the last 20+ years, Stanford has gotten good and UW, not so good. 41 to 0. How you like them apples. Go Stanford GO!

And yes, it was 3 very very soggy, cold hours, but we won which made it just a little warmer, and as our 'theme' song goes, It's All Right Now. (I am pretty sure you have to be a Stanfordite to get that, sorry.)

Wet, but happy Stanford fans. (Don't they look happy?)

Millions of very cold high school cheerleaders provided half time entertainment.
Dancing to ABBA!!??

These weren't the final stats, but it was close to the end of the game.
First downs, UW 5 - Stanford 19, passing yards 44 to 192, running yards 10 to 218, total yards 54 to 410.

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