Friday, October 29, 2010

The Horror

You may all have noted and perhaps objected to, my occasional use of hyperbole. However, in this instance I am sure you will all agree any strong words and negative sentiments are entirely justified. So, I have two phones. I have my cell phone which would be the one I would use if I ever actually spoke on the phone and I have a 'land line'. (Actually, it's not a land line, it's a VOIP, but who cares.) I really don't need my home phone (VOIP), but I have not been able to cut the cord. It does come in handy if my phone ever gets run over by a bus (see post from last year) or there is some other phone emergency. And, I have this terror, that someone from my past will want to reach me and only have that old number (this does actually happen once every 3 years or so).

In reality, my the home phone doesn't actually get much use. About once a month community services for the blind calls me to tell me they have a truck in my area (and then don't actually stop by when I leave stuff out for them). About once every 3 months, someone calls with a survey or to sell me something obnoxious. And then, every October, it starts ringing off the hook, as every politician, referendum supporter etc calls me to 'get out my vote'.

This October it hasn't rung once, but I have slow realized something horrific has happened, my cell phone has started to ring. At first it was a few hang up calls. I called one back and it was some referendum supporter. Then, I got a few computer generated messages, 'famous' people trying to influence my vote. And worst of all, I have gotten a couple calls from Dino Rossi's campaign. (Uhm, really? I can't imagine any data floating around this universe (internet, voting registration, political groups etc) that would support a chance in hell of my voting for Dino Rossi.) And today, the coup de grace, Community Services for the Blind called my cell phone!!! Yes, I am now officially getting all solicitation calls on my cell phone.

This is a very sad day.

Oh, but don't despair, VOTE, early and often, but not for Rossi.

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