Saturday, July 31, 2010

Serenity Now

"Roberta, so great to see you! Thanks for coming to visit."

Yesterday, I went to visit a friend that I hadn't seen in quite a long time. He owns a store and when I got there it quickly became apparent that we would not be hanging out chatting. The store was busy and he was trying to get a couple things done and leave early. He oozed distraction and busyness. And, while I wanted to be greeted with open arms and for him to turn all his attention to me, I fully understand that mode. I get that way frequently at work, I've got a couple things going on and then someone needs me to do one or two things. Or even to just run something by me. My brain screams, NO, please let me finish this other stuff first, but usually I have to turn my attention to something new and try to do so politely. Unfortunately, it probably doesn't end up being very gracious. I usually feel like I give them half my attention, and they probably feel like they have interrupted me (like I felt with my friend). And they have interrupted me, but that's the nature of my job and my friend's job as well.

Then, yesterday, when I got home, I watched a clip of President Obama's time on The View (yes daytime tv talk show). Now, admittedly, he was on a tv show and had planned to be on that show and it was his entire focus. But still, he is insanely calm, (not to mention gorgeous and gracious and charming), but mostly calm. I compared him with my friend and imagined myself walking into Obama's store and Obama welcoming me with a huge smile and turning his entire attention to me (probably while somehow making everyone else feel cared for at the same time). Actually, I imagine him thinking about wars falling apart in Afghanistan and Iraq, oil streaming into the gulf, the economy on the brink of something terrible, the environment going to hell in a hand basket, republicans accusing him of this that and the other thing, him having 5 meetings planned with very important people AND a friend comes to visit and him somehow giving them his full attention for 5 minutes. Somehow, I could see that happening. I admire that incredible sense of composure at all times! Maybe it's just a public view, but when I watch him, it all feels okay and possible.

I should probably develop some of that, but I'm really glad our president has it!

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