Sunday, August 8, 2010

Am I too Curmudgeonly?


Yesterday, I was at a farmer's market in Georgetown when suddenly a police escort passed by. There were 5-10 police motorcycles followed by a bunch of fancy cars. The market patrons swarmed to the side of the road and when the fancy cars went by there was much waving, cheering, and honking. I was surprised, as I hadn't heard about any celebrities or popular politicians in town. So I asked and the answer surprised me, blue angel pilots!

Now the blue angels, I'm sure most - all? - of you know come to Seattle every year at Seafair. They are a bunch of adrenaline addicted military men/airplanes who burn tons of fossil fuels, are really really REALLY loud (think bombers attacking), cause huge traffic jams because they require the floating bridges be shut down, and cost the city millions of dollars. Oh, I mean, they are 5 planes that fly really fast in formation and put on air fancy shows. I knew all that, but even after living in Seattle approximately 40 years, I had no idea the pilots warranted a police motorcade and celebrity status. And who know they would cause so much excitment in Georgetown! It is an industrial area, but it is pretty artsy and liberal. And I was at a farmer's market for christ's sakes, who would think those folks would get excited about people who fly fast planes?

So is my lack of interest and grouchiness way out of sync with the world? Or is something wrong with everyone else?


heather v keeling said...

i think i would have been standing right there with you, wondering why everyone was so excited. i am neither impressed nor in awe of those blue angels, and don't understand why the rest of the city seems to be!
oh well.
best to you, ms. curmudgeon. xo!

tracy said...

while i find the skill and precision of the blue angels no less than amazing....i'm not inclined to get excited about it at all. not in the least. waste of fuel. i'd rather watch olympic figure skating.