Thursday, July 8, 2010

Lost and found brilliance

This morning I thought of a beautiful, brilliant blog concept. But now I've lost it deep deep within the depths of my heat soaked brain, never ever to return. Not that I'm complaining about the heat. Yes, it could have gotten to 95 a bit more gradually (55 to 95 is a bit dramatic). Yes, I turn bright red and get kind of strangely light headed dizzy every time I do crossfit (or stand up too fast for that matter). Yes, my house is kind of hot and stuffy. But I won't be one of those Seattle people who complain about the heat anymore. I like the feeling of just being warm, absolutely completely warm. No cold toes or fingers. No sweaters or sweatshirts. No down coat (as I was wearing a mere 4 days ago on the 4th of July). Just warmth!

Now, what I could complain about are the Mariners. Yes, baseball Mariners. Is there a reason why there need to be 4 home games a week every other week? Do you know what that does to traffic approximately 1/2 the spring and summer? It's ridiculous. Who wants to see that many games. Soccer games are once a week and that seems quite adequate. I think I could enjoy one maybe two baseball games per summer (not that I actually go to that many), but why would anyone want to spend any more time than that at the stadium. I think they could greatly reduce the number of games, improving my traffic immensely, with no negative effects on anyone. In fact, it might have a positive effect because I would imagine many baseball fans would reduce their junk food and beer consumption. Not to mention how much money they would save -- food and beer at the stadium is crazy expensive!

Why doesn't anyone listen to my brilliance?

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