Friday, June 18, 2010


A week ago Wednesday I got sick. It was a rather strange ailment. It stuck in my throat and involved lots of voice loss, lozenge sucking and tea drinking. But otherwise, I was fine. I did crossfit, went to work and engaged in normal life activities. Then, a week later, right when I was ready to be well again, I got really sick. And again, strange. I woke up and went to work like normal and felt okay. Then I spent the entire day alternating between feeling good and feeling feverish and nauseated. I didn't want to eat. I NEVER don't want to eat, but yesterday the thought of food just made me sick. Then sometime yesterday afternoon I became exhausted. About three I hauled myself home from work (not on my bike) and decided I was officially sick.

Unfortunately, it's one thing to be sick and quite another to convince the animals that you're sick. When I arrived home at 3.30 they were psyched! Play time!! I collapsed on the bed and they quickly joined. As I tried to nap, both animals were staring at me, one whining incessantly and the other purring. Until finally, I crawled out of bed and walked the damn dog. Fed both the dog and cat. Found a bone to entertain the dog. And once again, finally collapsed into bed where I proceeded to sleep/feel like hell and whine a lot to myself for the next 12 hours until I once again dragged myself out of bed to feed and walk the dog.

I seem to be mostly better now. But yesterday, I think I had a strange new combination of strep throat, mono, flu, and brain tumor. Well, maybe sinus infection, but probably brain tumor. Perhaps even cancer of the throat. Strange how all those could clear up so quickly.

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