Sunday, June 27, 2010

Nothing Much

So, I feel like I should blog something, so that you all don't have to see the 'sick' blog all the millions of times per day you access my page wondering if there is something new and exciting to read. I will mention that I'm still sick. Not in a way that is effecting my daily life, but my throat and sinuses are still all wacky. This disease is non ending.

I will also mention that I am endlessly saving this current blog I'm writing, because for some reason my browser - the trusty firefox that has NEVER let me down - is now crashing every 10 minutes or so. Friends keep suggesting I move over to the man - Chrome (I am sure Google now qualifies as 'the man') - but it seems my operating system is 'too old' for such nonsense. So currently I'm just crashing.

So really, I want to blog but I have nothing much to say. I could tell you about how I have gotten really into watching the World Cup, even going to a bar and drinking beer BEFORE noon yesterday to watch the US go down.

I can show you a picture of the fancy collar we bought for Otto in Georgetown right after the game. (One is more likely to spend a stupid amount of money on a dog collar after two beers. You'd think a collar made out of a recycled belt would be cheaper than the others, not more pricey!)

It's made from an old belt and very cool.

I could share this insanely cute picture of Otto, for those of you who never sign onto Facebook and missed it.

Could there be a creature any cuter??

I do realize that none of this is very exciting, but it's all I've got right now. Better than sick I guess.

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