Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Brain Explosion

So I have three separate job responsibilities at work. This is usually okay. But, occasionally, all three jobs start firing at once, leaving me hopping from task to task and subject to subject -- multi tasking to an extreme degree. I have heard recently that we aren't as good at multi tasking as we think we are. That, actually, we aren't capable of multi tasking. So if, for example, you're on the phone and looking at your email, you don't actually hear a word the person says while you're reading the email message. You're not actually capable of that. You might be able to read and then move right back to the conversation and (if the conversation is like many I am a part of ) not miss anything, but for a second or two, you will not hear what is being said. I've also heard that multi tasking can actually be damaging to the brain. That this process of jumping back and forth, causes small seizure like episodes in the brain. (Ack)

But even knowing this, the allure of multi tasking is great, particularly when the emails and phone calls are flying thick and fast. (Not to mention the personal emails and facebook updates that might need to be checked out.)

So, today I spent my day producing seizures in my brain and throwing the adrenaline filter a little too high. Starting right now, however, I am officially turning off my brain - dog walk, followed by the new episode of the bachelorette, followed by sleep!!! Now, if I could just make tomorrow disappear.

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