Wednesday, November 25, 2009


Camouflage? Or am I blind?

About two weeks ago I got home from walking my dog and realized that my keys were missing. Fortunately, the walk had been fairly short. I quickly surmised that I had probably dropped them while wrestling the dog poop bag from my pocket (pre poop, of course - no bag in pocket post poop). I walked to the dog poop location and sure enough. There were my keys, waiting for me.

Now, in my 34 years of dog ownership, I think perhaps that's the first time I have lost my keys on a dog walk. I have certainly lost them innumerable times inside my house (including a set that have now been lost for 3 months), but never on the dog walk. So, imagine my consternation when I returned home from a walk Monday evening to find no keys in my pocket once again.

Unfortunately, this second walk was a long walk - over an hour - and it was about 8 pm and I was tired. There was no way I was rewalking. So, looked around my house and street, then went with the dog poop theory. I drove to the jefferson golf course (poop location) and searched around there. It was, of course, dark. So I took a flash light and spent probably 30 minutes rewalking areas. I had had an ipod in my pocket that I had taken out a lot in the second half of the trip, so I figured those areas (if I could remember them) were likely locations. No luck.

The next night, I redid the entire walk. For an hour, I kept my eyes glued to the ground. Through out I was thinking that if I found keys I would helpfully place them up somewhere noticeable. I worried that if someone did that with my keys, I would miss them with my eyes on the ground. But, there was nothing I could do about that. And after an hour plus, no keys anywhere.

Then this morning I headed out of the house to walk the dog. I walked down the stairs and there, right in front of my car, were MY KEYS. Now, here's the frustrating part. this was the first time it had been light out since I lost my keys (winter being a time of perpetual darkness except when one is at work). BUT, Monday night I had gone down to my car to get my umbrella before going on the dog walk. So, I had scoured the area around my car about 10 times or so - with a flashlight. One wonders how I could have missed them when they were sitting right there. A frustrating story, but with a happy ending.

Now, after finishing this you are probably wondering why on earth I am telling you about my lost and found keys. Well, if you're really wanting to know about 'a day in the life' of me, this just about sums it up!

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