Monday, November 9, 2009

Clothing Mishaps

I have been riding my bike to work for years now. Really so many years it's embarrassing to admit (20, could I really be that old?). And for those 20 years, work clothing has been a bit hit or miss. Every morning I will chose an outfit - without trying it on - put it in my bag and head to work. Usually I just wear the same thing I've worn many times before, so while I might not be dressed for success, I certainly look presentable.

Well, now that I go to crossfit in the morning, it's an entirely new ballgame. Now, I decide what I am going to wear the night before. This causes several problems. First of all, when morning comes along I am certain all that is required of me is to throw the pile of work clothing into my bike bag and head off. This 'I've taken care of it the night before' philosophy seems to completely block from my brain things like shoes, which aren't actually on the clothing pile. So, for example, for the last two days I have gotten to work and realized the only shoes I had to wear were the dirty ratty wet (because it had been raining both days) extra grubby clogs that I use ONLY for riding to work.

Then there is the problem of the outfit itself. For some reason I'm more 'adventurous' when I put out clothes the night before. So rather than choosing an outfit I've worn many times before, I tend to think outside the box. Unfortunately, thinking outside the box rarely involves trying on. I seem to keep selecting rather unfortunate outfits. And then just feeling uncomfortable and unattractive all day.

Then there is the issue of details. When I was selecting clothes for the same day, I was usually already wearing things like a bra, or socks, OR a t-shirt to go under my sweater. In my new life, there have definitely been days of unfortunate under garments. Or, the very worst, was the day I didn't bring a t-shirt and the only one I had was the one I had just worked out in. I didn't last very long until, overwhelmed by eau de moi, I was off to J. Crew to buy a new shirt.

Anyhow, I'm off to select tomorrow's ensemble. Wish me luck!


tracy said...

amazing how much crap you have to pack in your bag when you go to the gym need two bras and three pairs of shoes just to get through the day! i've since smarted up and now my office houses an extra pair of shoes, a bra, face cream, comb, and a tshirt...just in case.

Anonymous said...

You guys are living on the edge: I have no less than 4 complete (if non-matching) outfits at work at all times. A suit or three, a couple of sweaters, three pairs of pants, a couple of shirts. Two pairs of shoes that only live at work. I even have a pair of socks that always go back to work (clean!) since sometime last spring I began to forget work socks. Yes, I still have the outfit mishaps and undergarment issues, but not so many lately. It's funny to walk around work all day in a weird outfit and have everyone think you must have done that on purpose--I know whatcha mean! I also have an ungodly number of beverage containers on my desk at all times, but that's a different story....