Thursday, November 19, 2009

5 Blocks

I started riding my bike to work in 1989. Since then, with the exception of 1.5 years of unemployment, a 9 month stint working at Southcenter, and the occasional bus ride, I have been riding to work every day. Even when I worked at Southcenter I rode about 2 times per week. So, it's not something I think about. I don't have to make myself ride, I just ride. Of course, in the winter it gets a little tougher. Riding in the rain when it's cold kind of sucks (ok really sucks). And with crossfit it can be a challenge because my quads are frequently fried. But again, I know I'm going to ride so I don't think about it. Plus, now there isn't any way for me to get to crossfit if I don't ride.

My current ride includes uphills and downhills on both the way home and to work. For the most part the hills are either short or not very steep. But, there are 5 blocks, 5 blocks on the way home that I hate! These 5 blocks are almost home - they get me up Beacon Hill. And I dread them. Every day I dread them. And while I'm in the middle of them I can't wait until they're done. The funny thing is the Pine Street hills at the beginning of my ride are probably equally steep and long but they don't produce any mental anguish.

I usually count. The first one I can kind of coast the first half - so not so bad. Two and three are the worst. They're the steepest and there is still over half way to go. Then 4 and 5 (which is actually one REALLY long block) are pretty easy but tedious.

And then I'm home. And the work day is done. Just 5 blocks to tackle every day.

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tracy said...

my ride to work after crossfit is relatively flat. ok, it is totally flat. one small incline to campus, but my quads, core, arms are usually shaking. i can't imagine riding hills after a crossfit workout. guess that's why you're the tough one!