Sunday, March 15, 2009

Thank god I bought new bike gloves.

Okay, I know this isn't so interesting to any of you, but I need to take a minute to comment (ie bitch) about the weather. Just humor me for a minute while I blow off some steam, then I'll try to come up with some thing more interesting in the next day or two.

Yesterday, I went into the day knowing it way supposed to rain. But I had heard 'light rain' and '50 degrees' and was thinking, that's not so bad. I can run in light rain. I hadn't been up to Cougar Mountain in weeks and was excited to run even in 'light rain'. Well, yesterday was not actually 'light rain'. It was actually running in a downpour and even small ice pellets at the top of the mountain. It was running in 40 degrees. It was running (sliding) in mud and slush and snow. A friend went with me because we were bitching and moaning to each other the whole time. And we felt mighty proud when we were finished.

So, today it was supposed to rain a little less and I was thinking 50s a little rain and some yard work. I just woke up, washed some dishes and said 'Okay Otto, let's go'. Then I looked out the window SNOW. SNOW SNOW SNOW SNOW. WTF.

Snow, was maybe a little cute last week. You know, in the we live in Seattle and it's snowing in March, crazy, huh? kind of a way. But two weekends in a row. This is getting ridiculous. There are places to live where you might accept snow in March, and frankly Seattle is not one of them.

I want NO MORE SNOW, NO MORE GLOVES, NO MORE DOUBLE DOWN COATS, NO MORE MENTAL CHALLENGES TO GETTING OUT AND RUNNING. I ready for spring and sunshine and t-shirts and yard work and flowers and being happy just because of the weather.

Thanks for listening, or not, I just needed to get that out.

Okay, Otto, walk time, after we bundle up.

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