Thursday, March 26, 2009

All a Twitter

So I know all of you have been at wits end waiting hear more of my guilty pleasures. And there are more, at least 4 more. I even created a brilliant blog this morning about one of them as I was riding my bike to work. Of course, once I got to work it was immediately lost in the haze of work. I need a dictation system for my bike. Anyhow, more guilty pleasures soon, when I have the time and more importantly energy. One or two this weekend!!

A few more Twittering fun facts:

1. I quit Twitter today. I had a couple random people or businesses sign up to 'follow me' (Anyone can sign up to follow you. It's not like Facebook where you accept friends.) They seemed to be businesses who probably wanted me to follow them, but still it creeped me out. My brother says they would probably drop me in a couple days if I didn't follow them. But, yuck. I know I have a public blog, but some how it felt different. So no more twitter. Anyone who wants to follow me has to slog through a blog.

2. You never know what will make you famous. It seems that, due to my recent twittering blog, those interested in Dan Shore (Schorr) and twittering are rather frequently sent to my blog via google search. Google search the words dan shore (or schorr) and twitter and you get rcarlsini. How about them apples.

3. And finally, speaking of Apples. My Apples stock is about $20 per share over its price two years ago. Who knew any stocks were over their purchase price of two years ago! I'm rich. (Okay, I own about 2 shares and have lost money in every other stock I own, but maybe a semi bright spot? Ok ok, it doesn't come close to making up for the WAMU stock I had, but let me have a minute of hope.).

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