Monday, March 9, 2009

I Kipped!!

Me, pre kip.

So, I am sure I have mentioned that there is a Crossfit thing called a kipping pull up. Instead of just pulling yourself from a dead hang, you use your body to help you pull up. You swing back and forth, using your legs and your hips to push you up and over the bar. You end up pulling more from a side angle rather than straight up, so it's not as hard. Well, that is not as hard muscularly, but getting the swing and the coordination down has been proving very difficult indeed. After 5.5 months of trying I had gotten so I could do one sometimes. You're supposed to string them together. But I could do one. Then one. Then one. And only sometimes.

But today I tried to do one, and suddenly I was kipping. I was able to do five in a row multiple times!! Then, unfortunately, I couldn't any more, but I'm hoping that was because I was tired and not just because I suddenly lost the skill. I am hoping there will be many more kipping pull ups in my future!

Oh, and if anyone is interested (and because I'm a total narcissist and this is all about me), I did 13 pulls ups (the regular hanging kind) on Saturday! I was kind of proud of myself, though not as proud as I am about kipping.

And now a brief note for all the ex pat Seattleites. Something has happened to Seattle. It has been snowing for three days. It's supposed to get down to 25 tonight!! All the little plants that thought it was okay to start budding (because it's Seattle and Seattleite plants bud in February) are going to be very sad! Oh, god, it's March!!

Otto wants sun not snow! Mostly so his mom will take him for a decent walk.

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