Sunday, August 3, 2008

To Blog or Not to Blog.

So, until a week ago I never considered writing a blog. For christ's sakes, who would want to read a blog of mine? It's not like I have cute kids that I can use to bribe a grandparent or two to check my posts. But here I am blogging??

The first person to blame is Heather. Heather just had twins and created a blog depicting the pregnancy experience and more recently (I believe they are 10 days old) the parenting experience. Well, I have gotten completely addicted to Heather's blog. I get so excited when there is a new post. And then it turns out my friend Tracy has a blog too
. Her's is harder to get excited about (not because of the content which is very entertaining, but because she doesn't post with much frequency), but fun none the less. So, that was part 1, "finding out how much fun blogs were".

Part 2, "does anyone in the world care if I have a blog?" was Curtis' fault. This summer I have sent out a couple emails describing events in my life: 1. a bike trip to San Francisco and 2. an adventure I had with a couple dogs. Curtis informed me that my emails were very entertaining and I should start a blog. Curtis teaches creative writing!!! If Curtis thinks I'm entertaining and worth reading, well it's probably time to change careers.

So, I'm blogging. Maybe someone will read every once in a while. Maybe I'll be entertaining every once in a while. Shoot, maybe I will even be enlightening or inspiring (don't get too excited for that) Or, maybe I won't even remember to write.

Tracy says the key is not too many words and pictures. I'll try to keep that advice....

Blogs two and three may be the above mentioned adventures. The bike trip to SF is LONG, but those who actually read the full thing, claim it was worth it.

Thanks for reading.


heather v keeling said...

welcome to your new addiction, roberta! i have added you to our "friends and fam" section and will stop by to check in on you often!

Anne Hallett said...

What a great idea! I loved the bike trip write up and look forward to future adventures. Love, Mom

tracy erbeck said...

ok, critiquer of the less than frequent poster, now you have the challenge of keeping your blog fresh! good luck!

Curtis said...

I had no idea I carried such authority in such matters. Well...and then you go and post on those...those tomatoes -- putting ours to shame.