Tuesday, August 12, 2008

North Cascades Ride 2008

Every year a group of my friends takes a bike trip over the North Cascades Highway in Washington. And every other year or so, I join them. This year was actually my second year in a row but, fresh off my trip to San Francisco, I figured this year would be cake walk.

The trip involves a 72 miles of riding, twice. On the way in, you ride up for 42 miles, down for 15, then flat for 15. On the way out, flat for 15, up for 15 , the down 42. My favorite stretch by far is the 15 uphill miles the second day of riding. The middle day of the trip used to involve an epic adventure of the mountain bike or inner tubing variety, but now it is more of a rest day. Typically it involves eating, sleeping, hanging around the campsite and the lake, then more of the same. I chose a more energetic day than usual, turning it into a multi sport event - bocci ball, lacrosse and miniature golf.

In honor of Best of Seattle, I thought I'd give you a few 'Best of the NCR 2008'.

Best excuse not to ride - 2 hours of solid rain on the drive from Seattle to Newhalem.

Best punk rock riding performance - Tracy for riding the entire way 5.5 months pregnant AND looking very stylish the entire time.

Best on the bike outfit - again Tracy for the red and white jersey with cycling skirt!

Best change of tradition - Seth and Holly's bringing pizza to the campsite.

Best water bottle - my new leach free plastic bottle, no plastic after taste!

Best 'out of shape' performance - Chris, who passed me so quickly on the uphill the first day I could barely see him.

Best grandmotherly duty - my mom for taking care of Otto and Daisy. (And perhaps I get the worst daughter award for bitching about her use of my best sheet for a dog blanket rather than a effusive thank you)

Best golf performance - Hahn for the hole in 1 on the 18th hole.

Best use of vegetable oil - James and his truck.

Cutest kid under 2 - Odessa.

Cutest kid age 2-3 - three way tie between Jaxson, Ethan and True, except True may nudge ahead because he was carrying around the truck I gave him all weekend (though he may not have remembered I gave it to him).

Best performance in a foreign language - it's between Chris (Russian), James (Spanish), and Megan (Japanese) but I think Megan wins because she's teaching herself Japanese in 8th grade.

Best sag (sagger?) - Jay.

Best amnesiac - Seth, who seemed to have forgotten multiple near death experiences in his past.

And I am sure there are many many more I am missing. If anyone is reading this, particularly anyone on the trip, feel free to add suggestions.

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