Monday, April 22, 2013

The Junk Drawer

Several weeks ago I promised you all a walk through my junk drawer. I know all of you have been losing sleep awaiting the reveal!  Well, wait no longer. Here is a smattering of what is contained in my junk drawer. (Mind you a very small smattering, I know you don't have all day.)

Save the Date!
For some reason I have held onto a save the date card for the wedding of my friends Holly and Seth!  Mind you this card was sent on New Years in, drum roll please, 2006!! Now, the card is cute and all, but really!

When people send me things with my name and address I find it very hard to throw them away, even though i don't actually use them. The movie gift cards I know I received prior to 2004!  I wonder if they are still any good.

Dear people that I know. Please please please do not give me joke gifts!  They are fun and cute when I get them, but I do not know how to get rid of them!

Love Love loved these sunglasses. They were my favorite pair forever. I think I got them for free when my brother used to do work for Smith. Unfortunately, one of the arms broke off and I they cannot be fixed - ever! However, it seems that I loved them so much that I have been waiting for them to magically regenerate in my junk drawer (the missing arm is there too!) Still waiting. Maybe 2013 is my lucky year.

 We've already had the rubber band conversation. And you never know when a film roll canister will come in handy - okay it hasn't yet and I haven't used film since 2000 or so, but you never know!

A couple years ago, when I got my super cool bamboo 'white' board (see It's Bamboo), it came with these white plastic jobbies. I couldn't figure out how to use them and managed to hang the board just fine without them. Still, they may  come in handy. Actually, there are two sets of these in the drawer. There was a smaller grey pair as well.

 Blackberry paraphernalia from the Blackberry that bit the dust when the bus ran over it, you remember that story, right? (see Blackberry). And yes that 10/10/09 and no, neither have been used since!

 Uhm, how many times have I used this and why on earth did hammer even decide to send them out.

The drawer was full of receipts. You're supposed to keep receipts, right? This one was very key to save.  It's for a card I purchased on 9/11/06 for god knows what??!!

And this, this is actually useful!  A sunglass screwdriver. I had no idea I owned one. This could come in handy if it wasn't hidden away from the world in the bottom of a junk drawer. Of course, where else would I keep it?

And we'll leave you with the cutest boy ever.  He was not in the junk drawer, though many of his things were - a dog toothbrush and peanut butter flavored tooth paste, brushes and combs from old dogs, a treat fanny pack I used when we went to training, a clicker I could never use because he was scared of it, and a doo hicky for his collar - it's flashing lights that you attach to the collar so when it's dark and you're walking your black dog you can find him - every time I am out in the dark I wish I had it!

So, that is the tour of my junk drawer. I know most of you sane people are saying throw the shit out already. I know. It did throw some things out, but it's hard when you're missing the gene.

Happy Monday!


erbeck family said...

love the tour, thanks!

Anonymous said...

OMG. I can help. I use film canisters for shampoo and gel while traveling. I don't even use film -- picked some canisters up at a print shop when copying some of Dad's pictures. People in Africa use these for snuff, and carry them in their stretched ear lobes. This is true.

Sunglasses -- if I had my own blog I would have told everyone that I got 5 pairs (yup, five) of sunglasses fixed this year. Out of seven broken ones, and this includes a pair of Smith's you gave me. Bob at 20/20 Eyeglass Repair will hook. you. up. I paid $100 and now have 5 pairs of "new" sunglasses to break all over again. (My Smith's had a broken arm, too.) If you don't believe me read his yelp reviews. You mail them to him and he mails them back fixed.