Saturday, April 13, 2013

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Jealous much?
After a couple years of playing around with my cast iron skillet, enjoying it but not being able to attain the ultimate surface, I have finally achieved perfection!

Perfection recipe:

Season: wipe it down with some sort of fat (I used beef tallow) and stick it in the oven at 350 or so for an hour.

Now, after each use: I wipe it down with the scrubber part of a sponge while it's still hot. Then, I wipe the excess water off with a paper towel and melt a light coating of grease on the top (I either wipe off this grease or leave it in).

And, the final trick that has proven to be the true path to perfection: I store it in the oven. I used to just leave it on the stove, but the dog liked to jump up on the stove and lick out the grease. (I know, gross, huh?) So to solve that, I just started putting it in the oven. What happens is that 100% of the time I forget it's there when I go to cook something. I turn on the oven and when I'm ready to put whatever in, I open up the oven and say 'oh. pan.'. So every time I cook something the pan get a little extra seasoning love.

At the moment the pan is 100% non stick perfection!  It doesn't matter what I cook or if something burns, I can just wipe it off. Just like Teflon with no chemicals.

And get this, between the liver pate and the cast iron skillet, my iron levels are semi normal for the first time in forever (even with no supplements)!  Win win win win win!

In completely unrelated news, it turned back into winter in Seattle. The cat and dog are NOT happy.

Otto and Daisy butt to butt.

AND, I got my highest score ever in WWF!!!

And yes, I played vomit!

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