Thursday, February 28, 2013

Fashion Forward

I swear it's only been a month or two since I've made it into a retail clothing store, but holy crap, what happened! Somehow styles went from 'meh' to include the 'god awful', 'atrocious', and 'wouldn't be caught dead in' categories!

Let's take a little tour of a few choice items from a very popular, reputable and fashion forward shopping establishment.

Yes, light blue denim is back!  I don't really think any of us missed it. Can I mention it's a. February and b. 45 degrees and raining!  When might I wear this?

The picture does not do these justice, silver metallic leggings paired with camo!  Now I might admit that paired properly, either of these items MIGHT be acceptable. But maybe not together.

But, I've saved the best for last, let's move on.

Yes, khaki, camoflauge, fringed, short shorts WITH metallic studs. None of those five adjectives should exist in any modern clothing item (well, maybe the khaki). All five together and I'm speechless. Did I mention 45 and raining.

But, don't dispare. When you buy your khaki, camoflauge, fringed, short shorts with metallic studs and are wondering what on earth you'll wear on your feet?  You'll be happy to find either of these beauties ON SALE!!!!

And finally, lest you think perhaps I'm just an old fuddy duddy with zero fashion sense, let me assure you, I am cutting edge!

Taken with the photo booth 'love struck' effect, 'cause I'm in love!
Yes, I got these amber colored beauties today and I'M SO EXCITED. They block blue light! It seems the iphone, ipad, computer and even regular lights are spewing huge amounts of blue light.  Blue light close to bed time blocks the body's production of melatonin reeking havoc on one's sleep!!! So, rest assured, if you stop by my house after 8 pm you'll be treated to me wearing these beauties and you'll be jealous. (And then I'll sleep like a baby and you'll be doubly jealous!

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Anonymous said...

Nice goggles!

(pronounced similar to gargoyle)