Sunday, February 10, 2013

Au Currant

It i s so very hard these days to stay abreast of current trends. Technology is changing so quickly that even if one was interested in staying up on the newest and latest (which I'm not), who has the time, energy or money.

And really, for those of us who are Apple snobs, Apple is no help at all. When the latest product become obsolete six months after you purchase it (my Ipad), well, one is likely to just become downright grouchy.

But today, I am happy to announce that after a year of trying and a weekend of matching, merging,  upgrading, and LOTS OF CURSING I am as up to date as I can be!  (Well, there is still the issue of the Ipad that become old six months after I bought it, but we'll ignore for now.)  I finally have a new computer. This I have been trying to purchase for TWO YEARS NOW! I will save you all the very boring details of my two year attempts to buy a computer. Suffice it to say that my old computer had gotten so very slow that it was essentially unusable. The new one is fast and pretty and all the pictures are crisp and clear. Though I will mention that it does NOT have a disc player nor does it have a 10 key, both of which are not things that should go away yet!!!!

And, although I am sure the computer will become obsolete in another week or two, but I'm going to enjoy while I can!

Anyhow, this blog is a little dull, but I'm sure you all were sick of looking at the sauerkraut, I know I was. I wanted to make sure you knew we are all alive and well .....

Okay, actually, we're all a little bored here (hence the lack of blogs), off to vacuum.

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Anonymous said...

Got to agree with you about the disc drive and 10-key! OK, after typing that, I feel old.