Sunday, October 21, 2012

Octomom Obsession!

Somehow I discovered this website called They have all these cool live streaming videos where you can see thinks like polar bears and brown bears fishing for salmon in Alaska. They even have a leaf drop foliage cam, which shows fall leaves, well, falling. But, the very coolest cam of all, is the PUPPY CAM!!!!

Eight great dane puppies were born 2 days ago. They will be raised to be service dogs for people with Multiple Sclerosis, individuals with Friedreich’s ataxia, and veterans with disabilities. And I have become completely obsessed!  They don't even do anything yet and I cannot stop watching! Something about it makes me all warm and fuzzy inside! I tune in at least once an hour to check in!  I'm sure you all want some pictures.

The mom's name is Chaos. She's a rock star. So much cooler than the (in)famous octomom.

If you look really closely at the two by themselves in the front, you'll see one has it's arm over the other! How could this not be exciting?

I don't think poor Chaos gets to sleep. At all times at least a few of the puppies are eating! Or trying to get the proper placement to eat, which seems to be challenging. (Their eyes are closed and their legs aren't really working properly yet).

Is there anything about this picture that isn't cute cute cute!

All 8. Their stomachs seem to be about 90% of their bodies, they move with a swimming motion. Sometimes they get stuck on their backs and have to figure out how to get upright. OMG!  That's the best part.
Anyhow, I'm sure you're thinking how could all that be interesting and I will admit that not much is happening, but I cannot stop watching!

In other dog news, I was on jury duty this week. this dog was chosen for the trial. I was not, fortunately! 

And finally, we'll leave dogs for a minute for some food news, I finally made paleo pad thai from my very favorite cook book, Well Fed. Uhm, wow, crazy good!!!! the noodles are spaghetti squash and the sauce is made from almond butter.  Once again I wonder, why everyone doesn't eat this way!

I think that might be my exciting week! Well, actually there was some more excitement, including one night where I stayed up PAST MIDNIGHT ON A SCHOOL NIGHT, but alas for you, none of that made it into pictures.

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