Saturday, October 13, 2012

It's All Right Now

So I'm really not sure how this happened, but somehow last weekend was my 25th college reunion. No, it is not possible that I graduated from college 25 years ago (someone much have gotten the dates wrong), but despite the error, the event went off anyhow. And i went!  Last time I was back at Stanford was 1992 (yes, must have been 5 years). Between the 5 and the 25 I have been carefully avoiding all reunions. Somehow, the thought of a reunion brings up many insecurities. I'm sure I'm less successful, less happy, less beautiful, less smart, less whatever than everyone I went to school with. They all must have the perfect job, perfect marriage, perfect bright smiley kids. I don't feel this way about the normal people in my life, but somehow a reunion brings up all kinds of craziness. But I went, dreading it the ENTIRE time, I went. And guess what???? Fun!!!!  Who knew.

I'll share a few photos of my walk down memory lane, these probably won't mean anything to any of you, but whatever, my mom well appreciate them.  BTW, most of these photos were taken the first day when I was still in 'what the hell am I doing' mode. In fact, at this stage I was studiously avoiding anyone from my class at the risk that I wouldn't remember how I knew them or them me or they'd hate me or whatever.

This (second floor) was my freshman dorm room window. I lived in Donner, all freshman and extra fun! (No, it didn't get any more or less ugly in the last 29 years!)

I used to work at this frozen yogurt place.  Of course, at the time it was called the Corner Pocket (Co Po, as in get Fro Yo at the Co Po). I told the girl who worked there that I had worked there, she was thoroughly unimpressed. 

Uhm, our student union now has a Starbucks??!!??

Memorial Church. AKA Mem Chu. In the quad. I have no memories from this place. But it's in the quad and it's pretty.

Rodin, the gates of hell. Somehow there is an entire Rodin sculpture garden on campus.

But don't worry, I ate normally!  Phew!

Me dolled up for the big event on Friday night.I certainly don't look like I graduated from college 25 years ago!
Friday as I was walking around campus, I decided there was no way in hell I could possibly wear anything I brought. So I had to go out and spend way too much on these boots. Unfortunately, they didn't make the picture above. I wore them with socks and I'm pretty sure I looked kind of cool and hip!  Go me.  
 And then it all started.........

The dollies were at every event, dancing their cute little hearts out. I don't know how they did it. This was about 11 pm Friday. They hit all the parties. Then they danced before the game (Saturday), for 4 hours during the game, and at all the tailgaiters after the game (there was a reunion and tailgaiter for every 5 year class so 62, 67, 72, 77, 82, 87 etc etc). That's a lot of throwing your legs up to It's All Right Now! (All Right Now, Bad Company and Stanford theme song.)   

Did I mention that the foot ball game was FOUR HOURS LONG and went into overtime! Stanford won 54-48!  

The tree, Stanford's mascot, came with the dollies

And I saw people I hadn't seen in forever (two on the left, freshman dorm) and made new friends (on the right).
These people were all fellow Donnerites (freshman dorm!!)

 FUN!!!    And finally I'll leave you all with this chilling possibility........
Ack....... They must be in their 90s!

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