Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Losing My Sex Appeal

A couple years ago, after becoming an auditor, I wrote a post about how much sexier it was to be an investigator than an auditor (see here for a recap Titles) and how much more interesting people found the job investigator than auditor. And that has remained true throughout my audit career. Telling someone you're an auditor is an automatic conversation killer. Sometimes that's an advantage. But, if I'm speaking to someone I'm actually interested in, I frequently relive the glory days when I was an investigator and just give that as my job description.

Well that's been the last two years and now things are getting worse. I just accepted a new job in IT. Now, I realize that IT and IT nerds are kind of ironically cool these days. But, unfortunately, I'm not working in the sexy part of IT. I won't be designing smart phone applications or hip websites or computer games. I won't be hanging out with twenty something hipster geeks wearing tight jeans and flannel shirts with dirty hair. NO, I'm working with data. Not only data, but data quality. If you try to place the word 'sexy' in a sentence with the word 'metad....'

 Ack, look what happens!

Metadata. Metadata is what I will be working with. When you google metadata, you find it's 'data about data'. That's about 10 levels of unsexy. But guess what!?!  I'm super excited. And, as always, Otto will still love me.

Let's review this story in pictures.

The original me. 
My brethren, the current me.
Soon to be me.

And finally I will leave you with what every IT nerd dreams of being........ And maybe some day I will achieve. (Of course, I'd probably have to give up crossfit!)

I design apps!


tracy said...

this was your best post of all time

ALM said...

Oh my, I am so glad I am an investigator of sorts!
I love the photo commentary.....