Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Veggie Update

So, I am mainly writing this blog because I had to sign onto the blog to see what day I got all excited about my first green tomato. That day was 7/21. 7/21 was a very long time ago.  Since then I have excitedly run to my porch in anticipation of the first RED tomato, only to see endless fields of green.

Until yesterday. Yesterday I finally got my first red tomato.

I bought some fancy tomatoes from the woman who built my veggie boxes. She sells starts in the spring. I bought one that is red with black shoulders (see above) and one that is pink (see below). So far they have really just been green, but I think I'll get a few more of the black shouldered variety.  The other plant only produced a couple very sad looking tomatoes, I'm not sure they will get much better than this.

Hello pink lady, we're waiting.
So, there is a little bit of tomato excitement!  But, I have to say overall this year's crop has been a bit disappointing. All my plants have been super happy and growing like champs, but if I were relying on this garden to keep me supplied with food, I'd be starving to death. The plants are sprouting like weeds, the actual vegetables, not so much.

We can start at the very beginning. Radishes and carrots. The radishes grew quickly, but just as quickly they either rotted or were eaten by some rodent or something. The carrots, long forgotten now, actually were pretty successful. Including this one, my favorite.

In truth, I think this came from the farmer's market, but cute!
Since then I've been working on Broccoli (growing like a weed, but producing little fruit - so to speak), brussel sprouts (being eaten by something and I'm not sure where the actual veggie is), kale (some success but mostly slow growing, small leaves and not very exciting - I didn't even take a picture because the kale was so dull).

Broccoli, tasty but not much of it.

Brussel sprouts, lots of leaves by no sprouts + making some animal happy.
There are a items of potential excitement, peppers and squash. But again, the growth has been phenomenal, but I'm wondering if I'm actually going to get anything to eat.

It's starting to cool off, will this ever be edible? 

I'm pretty sure these are red peppers, but I don't even see a pink tinge!
  Finally, just because, I got these at the farmer's market the other day.  I think they are might pretty!!


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Anonymous said...

Yeah, kind of a bad year for tomatoes. My plants are loaded, but the fruit is slow to ripen. My biggest hassle this year has been the raccoons! Completely wiped out my corn. Little bastards. Try growing some beets next year. They're pretty easy to grow and the greens are mighty tasty as well. I'm convinced Kale is the ultimate feel good crop- as in when everything else goes to pot, you can always count on Kale!