Sunday, August 26, 2012

Crazy Cat Lady

I do not think of myself as a crazy cat lady.  In fact, if I'm crazy anything it's crazy about dogs (Ahh, Otto!). But I did something really scary this week that may force me to reassess. It's hard to believe and harder yet to admit. But, yes, I bought a cat game application for the ipad. I know, say it isn't so! I am a sane reasonable person. How did this happen?

But, guess what, she loves it. I turn the game on and she just starts purring.......... Maybe she'll need her own Ipad?

This is one has a butterfly that moves lazily around the screen. She gets points every time she taps it. 

This version is a mouse that zips around and sometimes disappears. This is her favorite! She got over 8000 points, I'm so proud!
Otto is concerned.
  Can membership here be far behind?
In other slightly out of the ordinary news. This lady was walking around downtown seattle on Friday.

Yes, that is one white heel and one black flat!  I wonder how many cats she has!!

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