Sunday, February 19, 2012

Daisy's yearly blog post.

What?  It's about me?

Okay, can I get a collective Woop Woop from the blogisphere. This blog WILL NOT be about food or weightlifting or any self improvement projects.  Instead, I think it's time for an other Daisy blog. That's it, 'Woop Woop' from all you cat lovers.

I have mentioned before that poor Daisy is frequently overlooked and under appreciated.  Well, today I was at the pet food store (buying bones for Otto, of course) and decided Daisy needed some toys. I went with a feather theme, those always seem popular. Plus, when I get the rodent like ones, Otto eats them.

Faux birds. 
Well, they were quite a hit! Please enjoy the following insanely cute photos!

Too cool for school, Daisy doing the cat thing, ie pretending she cares
nothing for/doesn't see/doesn't want to kill her new toy.

Coming at it from the back, good strategy Daisy!

I don't think it can see me!  (The lovely white thing on the table leg is paper
so this sweet cat doesn't scratch the hell out of my table.)

Sporty Spice!
Come on everyone, you know you're thinking it...... "CUTE"!

Ha! Got it!

Yes, these next three...

Are almost exactly the same....

...But OMG, how could I resist!

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Anonymous said...

Daisy, you are simply the CUTEST! I am so glad that you finally got the long overdue attention you so deserve. Your grandmother