Sunday, March 13, 2011


First, can I mention, I hate the word vacuum. I can never remember if it is two Cs or two Us.

And before yesterday I had never heard of the word Dyson. In fact, yesterday when a friend posted on his facebook page that it was a good day for Dysoning I wasn't sure what the heck he was talking about. Then today (yes two days in a row!), another friend posted a link to a Dyson vacuum asking if they were really that great and if she should get one. So, since I am sitting in front of my computer doing a very good job of avoiding exactly that very thing (vacuuming), I took a click on that link as another excuse to procrastinate the house keeping that is desperately calling my name with increasing volume and intensity. And now, after that click, it seems as a pet owner my life will not be complete until I spend $500+ on a super cool new vacuum.

There were hints that I needed a new vacuum a couple months ago. I went to a friends house for thanksgiving and they have a robot vacuum. It's a little disk that you turn on and it runs around the house (by itself) and vacuums your floor. Suddenly I realized that vacuum technology had left me far behind!

I bought my vacuums at the Central Vacuum Service in Seattle. It's a cool, locally owned, super lo-fi store. It's been in business for 35+. They fix vacuums. They sell used vacuums. They will let you take home a vacuum to test without any deposit. I have purchased two vacuums from them. The first (a used vacuum I bought 17 years ago now) when, I realized that the old Hoover that I had inherited from my mom was doing nothing for the pet hair in my house. The second when I finally realized that perhaps a vacuum that was designed for rugs would work better on rugs than a canister with no rug attachment (hmm).

And now it's finally sinking in that there are even further stratifications of vacuums. I have always just thought of a vacuum as a vacuum as a vacuum. But maybe you don't have to be extra frustrated when you vacuum because the hose is not properly attached and falls out multiple times as you move around the house. And just maybe, some vacuum that pet hair a little better than others. Is this the type of thing you need to get married for, or do I just buy one. This might be the first thing on my registry. Hello fellows!


tracy said...

i love my dyson. big time.

Anonymous said...

Vacuum cleaners are like washers and dryers- not exactly something you want to spend a lot of money on, but something you use often enough that the extra expense is worth it in the end. I once had a cheap Hoover upright that would always fall over and crack me in the head whenever I used the pathetic hose attachment that came with it. I vowed that when I upgraded to a “real” vacuum, I’d take that Hoover out back and beat the shit out of it (and I did- remember the fax machine beating scene from Office Space?). In retrospect, I probably should’ve just donated the old vacuum to a charity, but it felt so good to destroy that piece of crap. My current vac (a Miele) was well-worth the $400 and to this day, I’m still amazed at the amount of pet hair it sucks up compared to that wretched Hoover. Cheap vacuums suck (or don’t).