Sunday, July 26, 2009


So, sorry I have been so blog free lately. I will try to get back in the swing. This summer seems to be a bit of of whirlwind, making blogs feel like work. This weekend between chamber music, moms in town, 1 year old birthdays, 40 year old birthdays, running in way too hot weather, and house projects, there hasn't been a free minute. But, I have heard from my fans, so.........

My topic. House projects. Very time consuming house projects.

Last week my construction guys finished the back room in my house. I'm not sure how much I've shared about this, but basically the room off my kitchen was gradually sinking into the ground due to a lack of foundation. It was also cold and moldy and generally nasty and rotting. And very unfortunately, I seem to have not taken any pictures of the nastiness. Now, it is awesome. I have new windows, new doors, new walls, no mold. Unfortunately, the end of the construction workers, brings the beginning of my work. I am doing all the finish work myself. Let me give you an idea of the extreme effort this will require. All surfaces need a minimum of three coats. Some surfaces (outside door, for example, need up to 9). And there is a lot of staining involved, so the seems to be a stupid amount of sanding before, after and between coats.

Here's the list.

7 windows frames - inside (stained) and out (painted)
2 doors - One stained, one painted
3 door frames - one stained, two painted
interior walls - stained
ceiling - stained
exterior walls - painted/caulked
1 very pretty new bench/chest thing - stained.

Door, 9 coats outside, 4 coats inside PLUS trim!

Windows, 2 of 7 + laurel hedge that needs love, but is being ignored!

Windows, wall, lots of frames and a bench butt.

(Obligatory cute animal shots) As usual, the animals have been no help in this venture. In fact, now that the construction work has eliminated all grass creating a huge dust bowl, they like nothing better than rolling in the dust and then bringing lots of dirt into the house!

Lord it's hot will you just relax and take a nap on the rug with us.

Daisy in the dust bowl, coating as much body surface as possible.

Wow, turning over was tough! It's hot.

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