Sunday, June 28, 2009


Evil raccoon about 5 feet from my porch.

You'll have to imagine the crows. Though I can't quite paint the right picture w/out their audio.

Something will happen.

Big big excitement around my house tonight. I was vacuuming (see exciting already). I turned off the vacuum to go chase a couple moths and heard a bunch of crows causing an uproar. I think maybe there is a crow baby running around somewhere near the back yard. Otto keeping running outside all excited and the crows go crazy. My guess is that there is a little crow baby they are trying to defend. Anyhow, I went out tonight and found not only 15 or so crows surrounding Otto, but a raccoon up in the tree staring at him. And Otto just sitting oh so calmly waiting.............. and waiting and waiting and waiting.

And the biggest excitement of all? Remembering that I now have lights outside!

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tracy erbeck said...

berta, that looks positively beautiful. nice work!